Don't Wear a Pocket Square Until You Read This

The 3 hidden perils of wearing pocket squares (they don't tell you)
...and how to avoid looking sloppy if you wear one.  

"I'm going to ditch the tie and start wearing a square"

I've been in sales my entire career, and as we all know, you have to "dress for success". 70% of what customers remember is visual. Your look can add or subtract credibility.

I've been wearing suits for the last 16 years. Being well dressed has always given me an added confidence when I start my day. 

However, in the last few years, I felt like like I was lagging behind, and I needed to up my game (fashion wise). So I hired a fashion consultant online. The first thing she said was "ditch the necktie, and start wearing a pocket square".

Great in Theory, Horrible in Practice

Now excited, I embarked on my new journey to "fashion forward" myself. I bought all types of fashionable pocket squares. They look great in magazines, but I was about to find out that it was a disaster in real life to wear these things!  

Peril #1: More Confusing Than Folding Origami 

Closet full and wallet empty, I remember looking at these freshly purchased squares splayed out on my dresser and thought... hmmm, ok, how in the world do I fold these to resemble the magazines?

Apparently, I'm not the only one confused by this.

I resorted to the thousands of videos on Youtube to try and figure this out, but each square was a different size, the cloth type was different, and the jacket pockets were different sizes, so I had to rework the folds again and again.

Peril #2: Shifting, Sliding, and Sloppy

Once I figured out the folds, I thought my problems were over. I was only getting started!

I wasn't out the door for 10 minutes before the square started sliding into my pocket....ugh.

Even worse, the cockeyed squares were distracting to my clients during my sales they slowly fell down into my pocket. The pocket square would be shifting up, down, left, right...just driving me nuts. 

At least I'm not the only one on the struggle bus.

Source: GQ - Image Credit

GQ: "Jason Segel Made the One Menswear
Mistake That Can Ruin Your Whole Suit"

Even celebrities get picked off for this gaffe...

Jason Segal probably had no idea that his pocket square shifted up too far, and took him from "suave" to "sloppy".

Peril #3: Every Jacket Is Different

I discovered that each time I switched jackets, I had to start the whole process again...

....because each of my jacket's pockets were different sizes, and my previous folds would not fit!

I started measuring ALL my jackets pockets, and noticed that they have a depth of 3 to 5 inches (depending on brand/size/etc), so even if I ironed out a square perfectly, it probably would not fit in the next suit pocket. 

So, I folded again...and again...and again...until I got it just right.

OK, thanks for the buzzkill. What now?

Don't worry, there is a much better way that will save you HOURS each week, and prevent you from looking sloppy in a sales presentation ever again.

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